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Promed, your reliable oxygen concentrator supplier. With our years of experience, we are able to provide you with quality-assured oxygen concentrators at affordable prices.

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A Comprehensive, Wide-Product Range Manufacturer & Supplier of Medical Equipment

As a subsidiary of XNUO Group, Promed’s team hopes to solve most sub-health problems through non-drug methods. For this reason, we launched our oxygen concentrator product in 2015.

After years of development, Promed’s oxygen concentrators have been sold all over the country, including in the United States, Spain, Guatemala, Thailand, etc.

Whether it is home health care or professional oxygen therapy, you can find related products on our website.

  • For families: M5, M9, YS-100Y;
  • For hospital: YS-100Y, YS-500Y, YS-501Y

Hospital Use Professional Oxygen Concentrator

Family Healthcare Oxygen Concentrator

Reasons Why Our Customers Chose Us

Audible Oxygen Concentrators

To ensure the safety of families, our oxygen concentrators are equipped with a clear audio reminder.

Visible Oxygen Concentrators

To make sure the air you inhale is humid and every breath is comfortable, our machines are equipped with a hidden but visible water tank.

Well Designed Oxygen Concentrators

Our home-use series is different from others. Compact, simple, but elegant. And we have different colors in cabinets to choose from.

High Functional

1-10L oxygen flow adjustable, with talking(reminding) function, digital timekeeper…

Large high-definition LCD screen + digital control, more friendly to the family.

Studies have shown the elderly are the biggest beneficiaries of home oxygen therapy, but it is not convenient for the elderly to adjust the oxygen flow through the flow valve, especially the elderly with poor eyesight.

As a professional oxygen concentrator supplier, we have considered this problem and have a mature solution! Now our beloved family members can adjust the oxygen flow and set the time directly by touching our screen!

Oxygen Concentrator with a Large Touch Screen
Oxygen Concentrators with Imported Molecular Sieves

Lithium molecular sieve imported from the United States is 5 times stronger than others!

We use lithium molecular sieves imported from the United States to bring customers more efficient oxygen production efficiency and more stable performance.

Compared to regular models, our oxygen concentrators are more than 5 times stronger!

Why many customers choose us as their oxygen concentrator suppliers?

Why choose us as your oxygen concentrator provider
Why choose us as your oxygen concentrators provider

Although PROMED is still young, but our team has more than 10 years of experience in oxygen concentrator manufacturing and after-sales service. We understand that the choices of customers in different periods may be different, we have different oxygen concentrators with different flow rates and usage scenarios for you to choose from.

Our factories and products have obtained a number of international certifications, such as CE and ISO13485, and some models even have FDA certification. This will help your sales and make your products more attractive. Besides, some countries have strict requirements for the sales of oxygen concentrators, our certificates and documents can also help you obtain the corresponding import license.

Lastly, our price is advantageous and our MOQ is lower.

Cooperating with PROMED will bring you an excellent oxygen concentrator business with a short delivery time, low capital pressure, and high-profit margin.

Our Promises

Oxygen Concentrator Quality Assurance

Medical products often play an important role in protecting our health in our lives, so we believe that quality is one of the most important factors to consider.

We promise you that our production environment is in line with international requirements, and the performance of our oxygen concentrators is verified by third-party companies. At the same time, any user who purchases our oxygen concentrator is entitled to a 1-year warranty, and during the warranty period, we provide maintenance and free parts replacement services.

For some customers, we also offer extended warranty service.

Professional Teams

In times of fluctuating, rising shipping rates, any delay in delivery can make a huge difference in your costs.

We hereby promise you:

  • For regular orders, we will ship your order within 7 days.
  • For custom orders, we will ship your order within 15 days.

Different Oxygen Concentrators for Different Scenarios

Oxygen Concentrator YS-300
The premier choice for your family oxygen therapy business

Oxygen Concentrator YS-300 is a highly recognized 3L oxygen concentrator, it has a wide oxygen concentration adjust range (1-5L), when its oxygen flow is < & = 3L/min, the oxygen concentration is 93%.

Oxygen Concentrator
Professional for hospital oxygen therapy

YS-501Y is a professional oxygen concentrator that is applicable for hospital use & family use. It has a wide oxygen flow range (1-10L), no matter which oxygen flow you choose, the oxygen concentration is always > 90%.

YS-501Y can continuously work for 24 hours, to provide patients with a stable, high concentration & high purity of oxygen.

Your Best Oxygen Concentrator Supplier in China
Your Best Oxygen Concentrator Supplir in China

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Product Specifications

M9 M5
Display 12” LCD Display 8” LCD Display
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power Current 1.15A 0.6A
Oxygen Flow Rate 1- 9L/min flow rate optional 1.5- 6L/min flow rate optional
Accuracy 0.1L/min 0.1L/min
Oxygen Range Flow rate≤3L, oxygen concentration≥93±3% Flow rate≤1.5L, oxygen concentration≥93±3%
Noise <60dB <51dB
Talking Yes Yes
Nebulization Yes Yes
Timing 500min 500min
Low Oxygen Concentration Alarm Yes Yes
Power outage alarm Yes Yes
Pressure cycle failure alarm Yes Yes
Compressor failure alarm Yes Yes
Packing List Main Unit*1
Oxygen Tube*1
Nebulization Kit*1
Instruction for Use*1
Color Box*1
Main Unit*1
Oxygen Tube*1
Nebulization Kit*1
Instruction for Use*1
Color Box*1
Carton Size/Weight 535*340*680mm
N.W.: 10.5kg; G.W.: 12.5kg
N.W.: 9.4kg; G.W.: 10.3kg
Features Special Design
The oxygen concentration is over 90%.
Quiet and comfortable noise level lower than 60dB.
With nebulization
12” LCD display intelligent monitoring
Multiple alarms
Special Design
Quiet and comfortable noise level lower than 51dB.
With nebulization function.
8 inch LCD intelligent monitoring.
Multiple alarms
Hospital / Home Use
YS-501Y YS-500Y YS-100Y
Power Supply 220 V+/-20V/50Hz or 110V+/-10V/60Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Oxygen Flow Rate 1-10L/minute adjustable 0.5-5L/minute adjustable 1-5L/minute adjustable
Oxygen Range 93%±3% 93%±2% 93%±2%
Noise ≤52 dB ≤45 dB ≤48 dB
Nebulization Optional Optional Optional
24 hours Continuously Working Yes Yes Yes
Packing List Main Unit*1
Oxygen Tube*1
Nasal Oxygen Tube*1
Humidifier Bottle*1
Instruction for Use*1
Color Box*1
Main Unit*1
Oxygen Tube*1
Nasal Oxygen Tube*1
Humidifier Bottle*1
Instruction for Use*1
Color Box*1
Main Unit*1
User Manual*1
Humidifier Bottle*1
Oxygen Tube*1
Nasal Oxygen Tube*1
Carton Size/Weight 535*340*680mm
N.W.:19.2kg; G.W.: 21.7kg
N.W.: 14.5kg; G.W.: 16.5kg
N.W.: 5.5kg; G.W.: 6.8kg
Features Reliable and durable oil-free compressor;
Large HD displayer, touch screen;
24 hours continuous working;
Suitable for both home or hospitals;
High oxygen purity 93%±3%
The oxygen concentration is over 90%.
Quiet and comfortable noise level lower than 40dB.
With nebulization function.
Time range 30, 60, 90, 120minutes
LCD display intelligent monitoring.
High oxygen concentrators
Low power consumption
Small size
Low noise
Low failure rate
Long service life
  • Ms. Frieda is a very kind, thoughtful, and patient person, she helped me a lot and gave me many useful suggestions when I tried to buy a batch of machines for my store for the very first time. She even gave me the solutions on how to ship my things to my city before I asked! Well done!

    Joey, a store owner
  • They are very cooperative. Prices are quite competitive too.

  • I’ve been working with them for a very long time, they never disappointed me. I’ve bought many products from them, some are they made, some are they helped me to source, this saved me a lot of time, now I don’t worry anymore.

  • Fast shipping! I got my goods just in a week!

    Liz from Malaysia
What is the MOQ?

We will adjust our MOQ requirement according to the market. Please contact our team to get the best quote.

What is the warranty?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our oxygen concentrator products. If necessary, we provide warranty extension services too.

How to operate your oxygen concentrator?

NOTE: 1) Familiarize yourself with this unit. 2) Place the unit on a stable flat surface that is clean and free of dust. 3) Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. 4) If the unit is cold, place it first in a heated area to reach room temperature before starting it.

For example, how to operate YS-100Y?

1. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet, press the Power Button, then press the O2 On/Off Button to start the unit.

2. Set the operation time by pressing the Time set + or – Button as follows:

  •  Press “Time set +” Button to increase operation time by 30-minute blocks.
  • Press “Time set -” Button to decrease operation time by 30-minute blocks.
  • Default operation time is continuous. D. Power must be activated before any function can be set.

3. When using the humidifier bottle, connect the nasal oxygen tube to the oxygen outlet.

4. The unit will automatically stop at the end of the set time.

5. Repeat steps 1-5 to restart to the unit.

6. If the unit will not be used for a long period of time, disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.

To clean the Cabinet

1. Disconnect the unit from all external power sources.

2. Wipe the cabinet with a clean cloth and any commercial (bacterial-germicidal) disinfectant.

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