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Promed provides the most affordable, best performing, and truly portable 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitors to the world.

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Our 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Although, there are many rivals that provide ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM), however, Promed is the only one that makes ambulatory blood pressure monitoring truly portable.

The thickness (height) of our ABPM is only 21mm, which is only 60% of the others. And it’s free of air tube, use, not AA (or AAA) batteries but rechargeable batteries, which means people can wear it everywhere, move freely, and without being noticed.

In the meantime, our ABPM is CE-certified, and has passed the validation of ESH. The Chinese FDA has issued a Free Sales Certificate for our ABPM, proving that our product is trustable, and it’s suitable for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.

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Who needs ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can automatically measure users’ blood pressure in certain time intervals. Many doctors in the United States and in the European Union use the results of ABPM as the basis for many diagnoses. Such as:

ABPM for Hypertension
ABPM for Hypotension
ABPM for White Coat Hypertension
White Coat Hypertension
ABPM for Masked Hypertension
Masked Hypertension
ABPM for Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
ABPM for Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea

What organizations may need Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors?

Although ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is different from home blood pressure monitoring, but as a diagnosis method, it’s applicable for many facilities.

Why Choose Our ABPM?

Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Wearable Design

Our ABPM is free of the long air tube, it’s wearable on arm, without worrying may twist or squeezing the tube.

Lighter Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Thinner & Lighter

119*52×*21mm / 105g (incl. batteries), our ABPM is even lighter than a phone. Free of burden even to the elderly.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with more time intervals
More Time Intervals

Our ABPM offers 9-time intervals for doctors to choose from, while others may offer 4.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with Day Night Modes
Awake/Sleep Modes

Our ABPM offers TWO measurement modes – Awake & Sleep, the results of each will be marked clearly on the reports.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in hospitals

Ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring provides more comprehensive and accurate blood pressure information of patients, helping doctors understand patients’ situations better, and then formulate more effective treatment plans.

It’s applicable to these departments in hospitals: The cardiovascular department, Intensive care unit, Department of Endocrinology, Research center, etc.

ABPM in Hospitals
ABPM in Telemedicine Companies

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in telemedicine

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in telemedicine refers to the real-time transmission of patients’ ambulatory blood pressure data to doctors for analysis and processing through remote monitoring technology.

Patients can upload blood pressure data through the telemedicine platform or mobile devices, and doctors can remotely monitor the patient’s condition based on these data, adjust the treatment plan in time, and improve the patient’s treatment effect and quality of life.

The Pioneer, And The Owner Of The 1st Wearable ABPM

Professional Team for Your Multi Parameter Patient Monitor Business
Strict Quality Inspection

Although there are many blood pressure monitor suppliers in China, but they are home blood pressure monitors, not ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

The technical requirements for ambulatory blood pressure monitors are strict. As a recommended diagnostic tool for White Coate Hypertension, Masked Hypertension, etc, the ambulatory blood pressure monitor should have a high accuracy and high sensitivity in the measurement process. Otherwise, it could be dangerous in some circumstances.

Our ABPM is manufactured under the control of the international quality system – ISO13485, and it’s verified by the ESH and proven its performance reaches the standards. It’s recommended for clinical and personal use in the population.

As the pioneer of ABPM in China, we put a lot of effort into the development of our ABPM, and we believe our wearable ABPM, which is the first wearable ABPM in China, will be very useful in your business.

The Future of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 hour blood pressure monitor

With the improvement of health awareness and people’s demand for health monitoring, ABPM will become more and more popular as an efficient and accurate blood pressure monitoring tool. Especially in the management and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, ABPM has unique advantages.

The future of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

At the same time, with the continuous advancement of technology, the accuracy, portability, and user experience of the ambulatory blood pressure monitor will gradually improve, making it more in line with the needs of users. Therefore, I believe that the ambulatory blood pressure monitor will become a very important health monitoring tool in the future to protect people’s health.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in the US and the EU countries

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in the USA

When a patient is suspected “WCH” or “MH”, his/her doctor may recommend doing ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. And MEDICARE covers ABPM for use once a year when ordered by a doctor.

Many organizations in the USA are recommending using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring results for diagnosing hypertension.

ABPM in Spain
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Spain

Spain is a country that attaches great importance to health and healthcare, so ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is widely adopted and applied in the country. Spanish policy supports and encourages the use of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to diagnose and treat hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in the UK

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom considers ambulatory blood pressure testing to be a useful test to help diagnose high blood pressure and determine the most appropriate treatment options.

Most Affordable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Popular in the US, and the EU countries

ESH-recommended Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, One of The Great Innovations For People with WCH and MH.

Product Information

Our Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (model: WBP-02A) is CE-certified & FSC certified, and its performance has been verified by the ESH. Our manufacturing facility for WBP-02A has passed the international quality system – ISO13485.

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The packaging of our ABPM includes an ABPM, a software CD, a USB Data Cable, a Quick Battery Charger, a Large Adult Cuff (26-36cm), a Sweat-adsorbable Inner Cuff (washable), a Portable Bag, a Silicone Cover, and an Instruction for Use

Packing Size: 10 pieces/carton
Carton Size/CBM: 38.5*26*36.5cm / 0.037
Gross Weight/Volume Weight: 7kg / 9kg
Each ABPM comes with built-in rechargeable Li Batteries.

Each WBP-02A comes with a CD, which you can download our blood pressure study software from it. Or you can contact our professionals, and we will send the download link to you.


  • The inner cuff idea is amazing! So I can keep the large cuff clean and hygienic even in Summer

    Jack from UK
  • It’s more affordable than the one I got from another company

    Gabriel from France
  • Fast delivery


What is Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a medical device used to measure a patient’s blood pressure over a 24-hour period. It is usually an automatic device that measures blood pressure at regular intervals and is worn on the patient’s arm.

Why do we need it?

Human blood pressure is not fixed in a day but fluctuates within a certain range. And Home Blood Pressure Monitors (HBPM) can only provide a Snapshot of blood pressure results. If without considering the volatility of blood pressure, we may miss the true blood pressure changes in some patients and give inappropriate diagnostic results. This is sometimes very dangerous.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are made for solving these problems.

How does it work?

  • Download the blood pressure study software;
  • Connect the ABPM to the PC to program it;
  • Wear the ABPM on patient’s arm;
  • Take a measurement and ensure it functions appropriately before the patient leaves;
  • Take the ABPM off when the measurement is complete;
  • Connect the ABPM to the PC to transmit the results for further analysis and study;

Product Picture


Name Wearable 24 Hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Model No. WBP-02A
Technology Oscillometric
Systolic  40-260 mmHg
Diastolic  20-210 mmHg
Heart Rate 40-200 bpm
Accuracy ±3 mmHg
Pressure Transducer American Freescale
Battery 1000mah Li battery, supports 200 times measurement
Memory Saving 300 readings Maximum
Calibration At least once per two years
Intervals Option More individual programming intervals options (5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90,120min)
Data Connection USB data cable
Size/Weight 119×52×21mm / 105g (incl. batteries)


Blood Pressure Study Software

Programing Automatic Measurements
Programming Automatic Measurements

Various of Options
Analysis software provides data sheet graphs and trend graphs. The trend chart can hold up to 7 days of data. Reports in PDF format can be generated automatically.

ABPM Blood Pressure Study
ABPM Blood Pressure Study

Body position monitoring
With the body position monitoring function during measurement, you can understand the cause of blood pressure fluctuations.
So as to effectively distinguish between natural changes and fluctuations of blood pressure and blood pressure fluctuations caused by body movement or body position changes.

White Coat Hypertension
Provides the white coat hypertension automatic analysis function, and uses a special color to indicate the white coat hypertension analysis time period. Statistics of historical data of ambulatory blood pressureAmbulatory blood pressure history data analysis summary map


  • Hypertension & Hypotension
  • White Coat Hypertension
    White-coat hypertension is for the cases that the blood pressure is constantly high in hospital or clinic office but normal out of hospital or clinic office.
  • Masked Hypertension
    Masked hypertension is for the patient that their blood pressure is only high at a certain time during the day and it’s difficult to find by using office spot measurement. Some studies have shown that the prevalence of masked hypertension can reach 20% to 30% in high-risk groups of hypertension. In addition, some studies have shown that the prevalence of masked hypertension in middle-aged and elderly people and patients with diabetes is relatively high.
  • Morning Surge Hypertension
    Morning surge hypertension refers to the rise in blood pressure when you wake up in the morning, usually between 6 am and 10 am. This phenomenon often increases the risk of cardiovascular events, so it needs to be taken seriously.
  • Nocturnal Hypertension
    Nocturnal hypertension refers to the phenomenon of elevated blood pressure at night, which generally occurs during nighttime sleep. This hypertensive state may affect the function of the heart, kidneys and other organs during sleep, leading to an increased risk of related diseases. Therefore, monitoring and treatment are also required.
  • Patients with Sleep Apnea
    24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor can help diagnose sleep apnea because it measures a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate and can monitor how well a patient sleeps at night. By recording changes in blood pressure and heart rate, doctors can assess patients for apnea or weakening.
  • Elderly patients and pregnant women
    Elderly patients: As patients grow older, it becomes more and more difficult for patients to control blood pressure. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can help doctors better monitor patients’ blood pressure conditions.
    Pregnant women: Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can help doctors better monitor the blood pressure of pregnant women, detect and treat diseases such as gestational hypertension and preeclampsia in time.
  • Patient with diabetics
    Diabetic patients are often accompanied by high blood pressure. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can provide more accurate blood pressure data and help doctors better manage blood pressure and blood sugar control of diabetic patients.
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease
    Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can help monitor blood pressure and heart rate changes in patients with cardiovascular diseases, thereby helping doctors formulate more effective treatment plans.
  • White-collar workers or high-pressure workers
    White-collar workers or high-pressure workers may suffer from lack of sleep and high stress, which may lead to blood pressure fluctuations. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can provide 24-hour blood pressure monitoring to help these people understand their physical conditions and take necessary measures.

Market of ABPM

According to a report by a market research company, the global ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment market size was approximately US$527 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to approximately US$741 million by 2027.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - Application

The future of ambulatory blood pressure monitors is very bright.

With the improvement of health awareness and people’s demand for health monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitors will become more and more popular as efficient and accurate blood pressure monitoring tools. Especially in the management and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, ambulatory blood pressure monitors have unique advantages.

ABPM has a wide application range, plus, the United States and many European Union countries place great emphasis on ambulatory blood pressure measurement. Perhaps, introducing our ABPM to your market will be a considerable investment.


We are very willing to grow together with our partners, so we can give you some special support for your first order. Please contact our team for more information.

If I place an order, how will you ship it out?

We provide the following shipping solutions for you to choose from,
by Air, by Sea, by Express, or by some special channels. For your reference, we often ship the goods out by sea in bulk orders.

Can I buy a sample?

Yes, we accept sample orders. Please contact our team for more information.

Is the cuff replaceable?

Yes, the cuff is replaceable. But we recommend you contact our distributors for a replacement to avoid damaging the unit.

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