• 8inch HD Display Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 8inch HD Display Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor LLK-S602

LLK-S602 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital monitor intended for Adult (include pregnant)use in measuring blood pressure (SYS and DIC) and pulse rate , and the physician reference the result to diagnose at Hospital and other medical establishment.

General Introduction

The product is Medical high standards, intelligent and more precise Identity recognition,Results can be printed Voltage reduction oscilloscope method+auscultatory method, dualmethods for more accurate measurement.

⚫ Unique arm tube tightening mechanism design for more comfortable and
accurate measurement
⚫ Removable arm tube design, no need to tie arm straps, more convenient operation
⚫ Intelligent identity recognition, users can view measurement results
⚫ Full voice broadcast for easy operation guidance
⚫ Correct measurement action prompts make measurement simpler
⚫ Supports communication data output such as USB/RS232/Bluetooth settings/4G/WIFI
⚫ Equipped with printing function, real-time measurement results are available


Large & Clear 8 inch HD Display

Make the data clear at a glance
8 inch LCD high-definition display, easy to read blood pressure valuethe elderly can see the children more at ease.

Key functions

Emergency stop button: During the measurement, short press the “emergency stopbutton to stop the measurement in an emergency, and all the states will return to theiroriginal positions.Press the “emergency stop” button to return to the blood pressuremeasurement mode;

Start/stop button: put the arm into the arm tube, press the elbow at the position of theelbow contact switch, short press the “start/stop” button Start to measure bloodpressure, short press again during the measurement, stop the measurement, and returnto the original position;

Set button : Long press the “Set” button to enter the setting mode, after the setting iscompleted, press the “Setting” key to exit the setting mode;

OK button : In the setting mode, short press the OK”button to confirmthe current option;In the memory mode, short press the “OK” button to exit the memory mode;

Correct Measurement Procedure

 Correct measurement posture and precautions

Please be sure to follow the correct measurement method below to get the correct blood pressure value.

  1. Straighten your body and maintain a correct sitting posture.
  2. After taking 5-6 deep breaths before measurement, resume natural breathing,relax shoulders and arms to relax the whole body.
  3. When measuring, keep the middle of the arm tube at the same height as theheart.
  4. During the measurement process, do not force your hands, do not talk, and keepsitting still until the measurement is completed.
  5.  In case of an emergency during the measurement, you can press the “emergencystop” button to terminate the measurement.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor



Measuring Method step-down oscillometric method + Korotkoff sound method
Display  8 inch HD display Screen
Measurement Range Blood Pressue: 0~299mmHg;
Resolution Ratio 1mmHg
Accuracy Blood pressure: ±3mmHg;
Pulse rate: ±3bpm or ±3%
Measurement Time Approx. 20s
Voice Broadcast Voice introduction of operation & reading;
Power Input AV 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Printer Thermal Printing;
Paper Size: 58x50mm; Auto cutting;
Memories 99 readings
Memory & Connection Port  USB/RS232/Bluetooth settings/4G/WIFI
Cuff Cylinder 4 directions adjustable. Up-Down, Left-Right
Cuff Circumstance 24-46cm
Size/weight (mm/Kg) 440mm x 497mm x 277mm /4.5Kg



How to use the arm tube?
  1. The arm tube adopts ergonomic design,which can move up and down by 10 degrees, adaptingto arms of different lengths, as shown in Figure l,allowing the user to The user measures bloodpressure in a comfortable position. move up anddown 10 degree.
  2. Put the right hand into the arm barrel, and the elbow should be placed at theposition of the elbow contact switch, as shown in Figure 2
  3. When the elbow is not placed at the position of the elbow contact switch, “pleaseplace the elbow on the elbow contact switch, arm Relax” prompt icon will flash (Figure 3),when the elbow is correctly placed on the position of the elbow contact switch, theprompt “Pay attention to the position of the elbow” will disappear (Figure 4), sit in thecorrect measurement posture, and prepare to start measuring blood pressure.Please place your elbow on the elbow contact switch, arm relaxed/measured, do notmove your arm
How to stored measurement data?

The blood pressure monitor stores the latest 99 sets of memory values. After eachmeasurement, the blood pressure monitor will automaticallythe measurement data.

Short press the “Previous Page” key to view the previous set of measurement data, andshort press the “Next Page” key to view the next set of measurement data.Measured value on the first page/measured value on the second page/measured valueon the third page/measured value on the fourth page When the volume is fully loaded, the old measurement data will be overwritten by thenew data.

View memory
Short press the “memory” button to enter the memory mode, display the historicaldata of blood pressure measurement, display the first set of historical data, and countlessdisplay blank.

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