• CE Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors - WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors - WBP-02A
  • CE Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors - WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-WBP-02A
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors - WBP-02A

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor, WBP-02A

The 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor WBP-02A is an upper arm oscillometric monitor, for ambulatory BP measurement was validated in a general population, according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol revision 2010. The protocol requirements were followed precisely and passed all of the requirements fulfilling the standards of the protocol.is recommended for clinical use in the adult general population.

  • Clinical level, accurate reading
  • Small, light, wearable
  • Double pressure sensor
  • Double protection function
  • No external trachea
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Completely wearable, comfortable to wear
  • Good measurement consistency

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor Operation - WBP-02A


  1. installing software system
  2. Battery installation
  3. Wear the monitor and measure
  4. Execute ambulatory blood pressure study
Model WBP-02A
Measurement Method Oscillometric
Blood Pressure SYS.: 40-260 mmHg
DIA.: 20-210 mmHg
Heart Rate 40-200 bpm
Accuracy ±3 mmHg
Battery 1000mah Li battery, support 200 times measurement
Memory Saving 300 readings Maximum
Safety Max inflation pressure290mmHg; Valve opens for deflation automatically upon power shutting off; Max measurement circle 120s.
Intervals Option More individual programming intervals options
Size 119×52×21mm
Weight 105g, including batteries
DATA Connection USB Cable

Measuring in 24 hours intermittently

The wearable Blood pressure monitor of WBP-02A Hospital is mainly used to measure blood pressures, which includes systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate, of patients in different setting intervals within 24 hours (not applicable to children under 3 years old), and the measurement data can be downloaded to computer system through USB cable.

Then doctors can use the ABPM software system analyze the blood pressure
readings for diagnosis reference. Product composition: Main unit, Noninvasive blood pressure cuff, USB cable, battery
charger, manuals, quick start, and PC software.

24h Intermittent Measurement
Great solutions for intractable diseases

Great solutions for intractable diseases

Our ambulatory blood pressure meters are particularly helpful in diagnosing the following intractable conditions:

  • White-coat hypertension
  • Masked hypertension
  • Morning surge hypertension
  • Nocturnal hypertension

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor WBP-02A

The device is Lithium battery inside; Electric shock protection degree: CF type appliedpart; Operation mode: automatic continuous running.

What are Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor?

The ambulatory blood meter is a measuring instrument that uses the oscillometric method to automatically measure the blood pressure and pulse of the human body at a set time interval within a certain period of time. Its existence plays an important role in the diagnosis and prognosis of various hypertension syndromes.

CE Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors - WBP-02A Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - WBP-02A

Where can it be used?

Hospitals, Clinics, Health Management Centers, Elderly Rehabilitation Centers, Homes…

Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation


1. White-coat hypertension
2. Masked hypertension
3. Morning surge hypertension
4. Nocturnal Hypertension
5. Hypotension
6. Childhood hypertension
7. Efficacy of anti-hypertensive drug therapy on a 24-hour basis
8. Episodic hypertension and/or anxiety disorders
9. Resistant hypertension
10. Changes in diet and daily routine designed to reduce hypertension
11. Hypertension in pregnancy
12. Orthostatic hypertension

Our blood pressure is not stable but fluctuates in a certain range. Your actions, emotions, and the medications you take will affect your blood pressure. This may make your measurements in the hospital less than accurate representations of your physical condition.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors show the results of your blood pressure in a day, doctors can make an accurate diagnosis according to the fluctuation trend.

For more information about the products, please feel free to contact our professionals.

How long should the cuff inflate?

If the cuff fails to inflate in 150 seconds, instruct patients to remove the cuff manually, excessive inflation may block patient’s blood flow that makes patient uncomfor

Can patients with anticoagulants or patients with coagulation use this device?

Patient with anticoagulant or patient with coagulation disorder may extravasate on the wrapping cuff position while measurement even the cuff is worn correctly. In fact, no matter what type of the monitor is, such patients would extravasate during the measurement process.

Can the patient move when measurement?

Keep still during measurement, especially do not move the cuffed arms, and it is better to keep calm, and make the cuff as the same horizontal position as the heart.

Can we use the accessories from other company?

Please use the accessories supplied by LIFOLINKER, otherwise it may cause measurementerrors.

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