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PROMED is your trusted supplier for your tunnel blood pressure monitor business. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in researching and developing blood pressure monitors. In years of development, we have launched,

  • Hospital/Clinic Tunnel Blood Pressure Monitors;
  • 24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System

And we are going to launch more in the future.

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PROMED is a leading tunnel blood pressure monitor manufacturer in China

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood which is pump by heart into vessels. mostly blood pressure is calculated on the side of brachial artery(arm). it calculates into two way one is systolic and another one diastolic and unit (mmHg) for example 120/80mmHg. it means 120mmHg is systolic pressure and 80mmHg is diastolic pressure. 120/80mmHg normally count as general blood pressure it can be little higher or lower depend on age. but 90/60mmHg or 140/90mmHg consider as lower and higher blood pressure.

A blood pressure monitor is a digital monitor intended for use in measuring blood pressure (SYS and DIC), and pulse rate. And the physician references the result to diagnosis.

Our professions have dealt with this product since 2008, we know what you care about most! And we’ve obtained the ISO13485:2016 Certificates, Free Sales Certificates, and CE Certificates.

Our featured products include our:

  • Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors
  • 24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System
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For Professionals

Blood pressure monitor: There are different types of blood pressure monitor available in the market like traditional one by which you will diagnosis your blood pressure by seeing like clockwise watch seeing sound where is sound start and where is sound stop, which is not accurate sometimes and for that traditional one, off course need a professional doctor otherwise blood pressure diagnosis can be misdiagnosis. another one like mini digital blood pressure monitor in which you will see the systolic and diastolic will be shown.In this category, you will find several high-quality, professional, and stable blood pressure monitors.

In order to provide accurate measurements, we use the latest technology and good raw materials to manufacture them.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor with 8 inch LCD and 24-46cm cuff

Hospital Blood Pressure Monitor DBP-01P

Clinical Automatic Tunnel Blood Pressure Monitor

Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor WBP-02A

24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Product Feature Box


We’ve obtained ISO13485, CE, FSC, and FDA certificates for our blood pressure monitors.

Fast Delivery Time
Faster Lead Time

3-5 days for a prototype for OEM, 20-25days for bulk orders.


Our team is trained to assist your registration to the MOH/MDA/FDA.

OEM ODM Available
OEM/ODM Available

We accept OEM/ODM services. We even could design for you!

For Hospitals, Clinics, etc

As a professional blood pressure monitor supplier, we have a special product series for professionals. Our devices use the Oscillometry method to measure blood pressure (BP), and pulse rate (PR), and provide the most accurate results for professionals to diagnose.

Model Recommended: DBP-01P

Medical Equipment for Hospitals
For Chained Pharmacies and Healthcare Centers

For Chained Pharmacies, Healthcare Centers

Human blood pressure is not fixed within 24 hours a day but fluctuates within a certain range. If without considering the volatility of blood pressure, just based on clinically measured blood pressure data. It’s easy to miss some patients with abnormal blood pressure data at a certain period of the day.

And WBP-02A blood pressure monitoring can promptly find these patients.

Build your BPM business with a professional!

Professional Teams
Professional Manufacturing Facilities

Blood is pumped by the heart into all organ. Heart is a major organ in body. pump of blood by heart should be balanced to all organ because blood carry oxygen. without oxygen into cell the body cell cannot survive and we cannot live. So by knowing blood pressure we can understand if its balanced and there is no disease with heart.

Although we are not the most experienced and professional supplier in the world, our team has more than ten years of experience!over 15 years of experience, 3 manufacturing facilities, and complete application scenarios from hospitals to family-use. We never stop, keep moving forward. We are your best blood pressure monitor supplier!

Talk to us for more information!

Fast Lead Time

With 3 production facilities and more than 300 employees, we aim to prepare high-quality products for you in the shortest possible time.

  • Response in 24hours;
  • For demo unit: 3-5days;
  • For customized samples: 5-8days;
  • For bulk orders: 15-20days;
Strict Quality Inspection

In order to manufacture a high-quality and stable product, we need to strictly control the quality of incoming materials. We have formulated strict quality inspection standards and procedures according to international standards. All incoming materials are inspected by our staff and only conforming materials can be put into storage and used in our production.

We also arrange multiple inspection processes during production, after production, and before shipment to ensure that the performance of our products is normal.

High Quality Products For Different Application Scenes

High-end Hospital Blood Pressure Monitor

LLK-S602 is a professional automatic clinical blood pressure monitor, designed to measure patients’ blood pressure and heart rate at clinics, healthcare centers, and hospitals.

The product is Medical high standards, intelligent and more precise Identity recognition,Results can be printed Voltage reduction oscilloscope method+auscultatory method, dualmethods for more accurate measurement. In addition, it can store 99sets of memory, and will automatically shut down within 60s (no operation).

High-end Hospital Blood Pressure Monitor
Cost-effective Blood Pressure Monitor

We understand that customers in each country have different criteria when selecting products. If you want your product to meet the performance requirements of most medical facilities for blood pressure monitors, and at the same time have a high cost performance, then you can consider our DBP-01P .

Modular design, multiple alarms, high accuracy, it’s your ideal choice of hospital-use blood pressure monitor!

Furthermore, it has many “stop” buttons for emergencies. No matter which arm you used to measure, you can reach the “stop” button with your other hand without twisting yourself!

Your Reliable Supplier of Professional Blood Pressure Monitors
Your Reliable Supplier of Professional Blood Pressure Monitors

Contact Us, and Let’s Do A Great Thing Together

Model DBP-01P LLK-S602 WBP-02A LLK-S693L
Measuring Parts Arms Arms Arms Arms
Measurement Method Intelligent Inflation Oscillometric oscilloscope method+auscultatory method Oscillography oscilloscope method+auscultatory method
Measurement Range B.P.: 20~260mmHg
P.R.: 40-200 bpm
B.P.: 0~299mmHg
P.R.: 40~199bpm
B.P.: 20~290mmHg
P.R.: 40~200bpm
B.P.: 0~299mmHg
P.R.: 40~199bpm
Power AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz USB Rechargeable AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz
Memories 9999 blood pressure and pulse data 99sets 300sets 2x99sets

Please contact us for more information.

Model DBP-01P LLK-S602 WBP-02A LLK-S693L
Packing List 1xDevice
2xThermal Printing Papers
2xDisposable Cuff
1xPower Cable
1xPower Adapter
1xPower Cord
2xPrinting Paper

1xQuick Start Guide

1xspare cuff

1xSoftware CD
1xUSB DATA Cable
1xQuick Battery Charger
1xSilicone Cover
1xDisposable Sweat Absorbable Inner Cuff
1xQuick Start Guide


  • I bought LLK-2602 last month, with a 24-46cm cuff. It is good experience for we have some fat patients.

  • I bought some DBP-01P last year, they helped me to get these units into my places. I quite enjoy working with them, they respond fastly and help me get the license. Good Job

    Ms. Panaya P. Director
  • Good services 🙂

    Ms. Joice
  • Accurate, and quick testing, it does a good product.

    Mr. Kevin K. Manage Director

Available Term: EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF, DDP, etc

To give our customers an more competitive offer, usually, our term is EXW Factory. If you prefer other terms, please let us know when you send your inquiry. Meanwhile, if you have your own shipping forwarder, we could ask for their offers.

Lead Time

Different products and different order requirements will make our lead time different.

For regular orders, our lead time is 5-7days;

For regular sample orders, our lead time is 3-5days;

For OEM samples, we need 5-10days to make a prototype, and we will ship them out in 3days.

For bulk orders, 25-30days for the first order, 20-25days for repeated orders.



We provide a 1-year warranty for our products. During the period, we provide,

  • or free spare parts;
  • or online technical support;
  • or repairment;

Please let us what’s the performance of the defections, and we will let our engineers handle them.

By the way, we provide warranty extension services for our products, please let us know when you send your inquiry.

Shipping Methods

We provide various methods to ship your goods.

By Airway By Trucks or Vessels


– Your best hospital tunnel blood pressure monitor supplier in China

Hopefully this topic will help you understand blood pressure & monitor . and how important is in healthy life to measurement in everyday .

in LIFOLINKER we research, design, develop and provide different types of blood pressure monitor all over the world . qualified for all international certificate with doctor and health minister tested. If find this help welcome to contact via phone, WhatsApp, or email.

  • Do not do strenuous activities, smoke, or drink stimulating beverages such as coffee and alcohol for 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure.
  • Sit and rest for at least 5 minutes in a comfortable and stable atmosphere before the measurement.
  • Measure at least twice and the interval should not be less than 5 minutes.
    Do not move any part of the body during the measurement.
 what is Full automatic blood pressure monitor?

 Full automatic blood pressure monitor:is a machine in where you can measurement your blood pressure automatically with knowing others function of body like PO2 & PC02 within short time without help of expert doctor like put your hands in a fix place then cuff wrapped on the patients arm Which is very effective for hospital for saving time, quick diagnosis, immediately treatment to patient. In every hospital in every department must have to have blood pressure monitor because whenever any patient first come to hospital they must need to check blood pressure.

Manual Vs Full automatic Blood pressure monitor:

Full automatic blood pressure monitor consists of a gauge, stethoscope, and error indicator in just one instrument and blood pressure show in one monitor and can be used in every place even in home without anyone help and at the same for Manual one using there is need someone expert for operate and there is chance to not find accurate blood pressure.

Why my measurement result is lower than I measured in hospital?

Your body condition will affect the measurement result. People often feel nervous when they are in the hospital, so their measurement results may be 20mmHg~30mmHg higher than they measure at home. Therefore, it’s very important to make yourself relax before measurement.

If the meter is placed in a position that is above your heart, it will make this measurement smaller.

Why my measurement result is higher than I measured in hospital?

Did you take antihypertensive drugs before measurement? People who take antihypertensive drugs will cause high blood pressure when the drugs lose their effectiveness. Please consult your doctors.

Or, your posture was inappropriate during the measurement. If the position of the measurement part is lower than your heart, it may make the measurement result in a little higher.

Why the blood pressure values measured each time are different.

Our blood pressure fluctuates all the time. You can test every 5 minutes under relaxed conditions for a total of 3 tests and take the average. Then decide whether you need to contact your family doctor.

Why it is very important to know accurate blood pressure?

Accurate blood pressure will tell the health heart condition. higher blood pressure or lower will let you know if there is any cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney problems which intend to cause other disease if treat left. so every people have to check blood pressure twice a day for lead a healthy life. so for diagnosis accurate blood pressure you need accurate and effective blood pressure monitor. it means standard blood pressure monitor – accurate diagnosis -accurate treatment- 100% cure – healthy life.

Why you will use LIFOLINKER?

1) easy to use

2) light weight ( can carry everywhere )

3)  unique functions

4 ) 100% accurate diagnosis

5) can set up in all department

6) everybody can use ( no need expert )

7 ) Own technology and design

What will effect our measurement results?

Despite medications, there are some factors that will affect our measurement results, such as 1) Measuring within 1 hour after a meal. 2) After drinking alcohol, coffee, and tea. 3) After smoking. 4) After bathing. 5) After exercising. 6) After urinating. 7)

Talking during the measurement. 8) Talking during the measurement. 9) When feeling irritated due to nervousness or anxiety. 10) When the room temperature suddenly changes. 11) When the measurement site or environment is different from the past.

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