• HFNC Manufacturer in China
  • HFNC Manufacturer in China

High Flow Nasal Cannula, HiFRes

Application: The product can be used in hospital departments, social health, clinics, ICU and other places.


  1. Precision, accuracy, stability – effective treatment, designed to serve all clinical needs;
  2. Exquisite appearance, excellent quality
  3. Easy to use and thoughtful design;
  4. Carefully casting, safety promised;
  5. Dual color hypnotic lamp;
  6. Multiple alarm;
  7. History record query;
  8. SD Memory card;
Flow Rate Low flow for Pediatrics: 2-25L/min temp:34°C
High flow for Adults: 25-80L/min
Humidified Output >33mg/L(2~60L/min、37°C)
Temperature Control 29~37°C, 9 levels
Max Capacity of Humidifier Chamber ≥500ml
Oxygen Concentration Measurement Range 21~100%, with an accuracy of ±5%
FiO2 (Fraction of inspiration O2) Control Software control
Dimensions (mm) 336x233x136mm
Weight (kg) 3.2kg
Recommended Ambient Temp 18°C~28°C

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC)


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