Wound Vac

wound vac

Today we would like to induce you about wound vac. but before discussion, we want to let you know about Vac first then it will be easy for you to understand our topic.

What is Vac?

Full meaning is vacuum assisted closure which is one kind of technology by using vacuum suction pressure to heal wounds faster and safer by removing extra interstitial exudate and increase to get well injury soon it’s also known as negative wound pressure therapy

How to use wound vac?

Put on perfect-size foam on the wound site after nice sterilization. then start to tap it down with enough taps please be careful that there is no gap left during tapping, you have to properly seal it. after that take a little scissor to cut a central hole in the sealed tap then put the tube on the small hole. tube placed could be any site like toward to head or opposite side of the head or anywhere and make sure that the seal is working even if you need an extra tap you may use double times. and be sure that there is no leak then power on the wound vac typically pressure settings at 125mmhg but could be a little different then check and see that it’s properly functioning.

Why wound vac is important and needs to do it?

1) a larger wound can be healing significantly more-speedy in this process than in the normal process.

2) It controls swelling inside the wound and stimulates to build up the granulation tissues which speeds up healing

3) It can be used for too deep and large injuries to stitches

4) It’s easy to carry with a patient for treatment and the patient can leave the hospital sooner.

5) Don,t need open and sterilize the injuries in everyday like 2-3 times.

6) every day millions of people use wound vac therapy and until used more than 6 million people.


What products line does LIFOLINKER have and what manufacturing?

 We are in the medical industry serving more than 15 years all over the world, in more than 80+ countries we have distributors. we are manufacturing NPWT, blood pressure monitors, wound debfrilation and CPAP BIPAP by using our own pattern, technology, model

Why you will use LIFOLINKER products:?

  • Own technology, pattern, model
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Best 24 hours after-sales service
  • Multiple mood function
  • Long warranty period


LIFOLINKER wound vac: we manufacture portable NWPT machine model (NP-600,800) , NP-100 . have some special features such as can therapy 22 hours a day and every two days change one time, very effective multiple functions, can fix automatic accuracy, the device consists of a vacuum pump, canister, pipeline, ports, and electric cabinet.

Hope this file will help you understand wound Vac and how its important and how can provide effective treatment. As the manufacturer of NPWT products

For more details like more interesting features, price , after sales service please contact via email info@llkmedical.com and visit website www.llkmedical.com




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