Wound care

wound care


Before moving on to wound care we should know more about wounds first.


What is Wound?

A wound is the breakdown of the skin barrier that protects our body from outer hurt. it injures the body and interrupts continuous protection in daily life or another way can say damages of connection of all parts of tissue including skin, mucous and internal organs.

Wound types and care way :

  • Acute wounds (first-line NPWT  wound care system used)
    Surgical wounds
    surgical excision with a deep /extensive skin defect, with or without infection;
    surgical wound dehiscence that is extensive/associated with risk factors
    (e.g., diabetes, obesity, advanced age, glucocorticoid therapy, or other immunosuppressant, fragile skin), previously debrided if needed, with or without infection.
    Traumatic wounds
    traumatic wounds with a deep/extensive skin defect, with or without infection;
  • Burn
    Immediate care for dehydration, inhalation injury, infection control, and nutritional support.
    Remove dead tissues and perform escharotomy, followed by skin grafting, with this way can increase the survival rate.
  • Skin flaps and graft
  • Chronic wounds
    Difficulty to heal is a high risk factor for foot amputation besides being a huge financial burden.
    Pressure ulcers, Venous ulcers

Why wound care is so important?

If properly does not take care of the wound and it,s open then there are many viruses, bacteria, fungi, and foreign can contact with the injured parts which may cause a big infection, necrosis, and even loss of patient organs, sometimes death could happen. proper care of wounds helps heal and protect against infection. enhance the quality of life.

What will happen if treat left: if the wound is treated left it could spread into other parts of the body and can get involved in blood capillaries and can carry into blood circulation and throughout the body. so if there is any big, medium, or small wound everybody should take care of it immediately.

What is Wound healing?

repair of damaged tissue or replacement of broken skin tissue by new tissue produced. easy word just healing of injured tissue. The uninjured skin the epidermis and the dermis make new tissue against the outer environment

Wound care means taking care of the wound for healing as soon as possible. all kinds of management like diagnosis, dressing changes, assessment, and cleaning involve wound care.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is defined as wound care, is a therapeutic technique using a suction pump, with the application of sub-atmospheric pressure and a foam dressing to remove excessive exudate and promote healing in acute and chronic wounds

The System includes:

  1. A suction Pump
  2. canister (different capacity for choice)
  3. Exudate Drainage Tube (consumables)
  4. Film (consumables)
  5. wound foam dressing kit (consumables)

In these systems, the exudate is removed from the wound site to the collection canister.

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