Covid-19 Detection Solutions

Covid-19 Detection Solutions




SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test

SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test is used for detection of proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19. A positive result indicates the presence of viral antigens, implying current viral infection. Like RT-PCR test, the antigen test also detects the virus directly, and performs best when the person is tested in the early stages of infection with SARS-CoV-2. The antigen test is very specific, indicating that a positive result is highly accurate. Compared with RT-PCR test, the antigen test is much easier, affordable, and faster.

In addition, the antigen test can be performed at the point-of-care without the requirements for highly complex instruments and expertise.


CE marking Notified Body certificate COVID-19 Antigen Kit for self testing

Protection Clothing

160(S), 165(M), 170(L), 175(XL), 180(XXL), 185(XXXL)

Full Face Mask for Ventilator HFNC

Masks, CPR Masks, Ventilator Masks

Silicone Manual Resuscitator (370 × 260)


What SpO2 oxygen level is normal for COVID-19 patients?

As a good rule of thumb, a person with COVID-19 monitoring his or her clinical status at home will want to ensure that the SpO2 reading stays consistently at or above 90 to 92%

What are FFP2 masks?

FFP stands for “filtering face piece”. It is a European standard for mask efficiency, ranging from one, the lowest grade, to three, the highest. FFP2 masks filter at least 94% of all aerosols, including airborne viruses such as covid-19.

Who use our test?

The COVID-19 related products have now been sold to more than 20 countries and well received by our customers. With the reliable quality, the antigen test has been given a speicial approval, licence, or recommended for sale by healthcare authroies in many countries including Germany, France, Belgium, etc. The high sensitivity and specificity of the product also allows it to pass the 3rd party evaluation conducted by PEI and University of Oxford, adding the test to the EU common list of rapid antigen tests of which Member States mutually recognize the test results for public health measures. Goldsite COVID-19 whole solutions covers RT-PCR, Antibody, Antigen, from professional use to self testing.

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