Chronic wound

Chronic wound

Chronic wound

In the early we have discussed wounds, wound types, the importance of knowing and now in this topic, we would like to introduce you to Chronic wound. I hope this topic will help to know basic things about Chronic wounds.

What is a chronic wound?

If any injury or wound does not heal in normal process or orderly for more than 3-4 weeks and remain open for a long period of time for a variety of reason that is called a chronic wound. it can be because of a poor immune system, and poor blood circulation, also can be for diabetic disease & kidney failure. For example venous leg ulcer.

Acute wound vs chronic wound

the acute wound is a mild injury with minimum bleeding and slight loss of integrity of the skin. Normally it heals within a short period of time within 2-3 weeks. after an acute wound should properly wash it and remove debris or foreign body then use an antiseptic and use a small size of bandage. normally it heals simply without much-taken care. on the other hand, chronic wound fails to heal for more than a month and cannot do anatomically and physically function normally. Sometimes it can be in an inflammatory stage like signs of red, swallow, and the patient can feel fever and high body temperature. chronic wound size can be larger than 2.8 cm. More than 6.5 million people are increasing chronic wounds every year.

 Some wound healing factors that affect chronic wounds

* diabetes (with diabetes patient takes a long time to heal)

* Nutrition (some patients may be underweight and some patients may be overweight that also affects healing)

* Mobility & environment

* Lack of awareness and knowledge 


It has different types of treatment based on different types of chronic wounds. But among them, most-latest NWPT and Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are the most effective and useable treatment.

NWPT treatment

NPWT treatment is of kind technology in which the foam is placed on the wound then sealed with a tap and use tube and vacuum pressure to heal the wound. this safer and quicker treatment for chronic wound patient.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

It placing the patient in a chamber and each time treatment typically lasts 90-120 minutes. Increase the pressure in the chamber by double than normal pressure in the room. supply 100% oxygen into the chamber than present in the room at normal time & the patient can get 10 times more oxygen compare with normal and oxygen can reach every tissue in the body and increase blood circulation. it helps to heal faster and safer compared to not healing. in this process which wound would take 5-6 years, and it will heal within 6-7 months. Chronic wounds are related to patient emotions, and family emotions, sometimes patients get so much pain during the dressing changes. So it’s very important for proper treatment of wound.


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