Wound healing diabetes

Wound healing diabetes

The wound does not heal in simple way those who have diabetes. there are some factors which affect to heal wound in diabetes patients. for understanding let,s first know about what is diabetes and pathophysiology

What is diabetes: in one words elevated blood sugar in the body or high glucose level in the blood. There are two types of diabetes type 1, type 2

What happens in the normal body that does not have diabetes: for example we have high blood sugar from eating a lot of sugary food. so blood is full of a bunch of sugar then the pancreas releases insulin and insulin causes glucose into the cells and saved as glycogen in the liver and when blood sugar is low the pancreas release glucagon and this causes the liver to release glycogen and this will turn into glucose into the blood and increase sugar level.


What happens in the body that has diabetes: when you eat a lot of sugar but there is no insulin to bind with sugar so it can not get into cells and the result is an elevated sugar level in the blood. and insulin not presents either pancreas function damage or the body is resistant to insulin that they do not want to response to them. in type 1 there is no insulin present and in type 2 body is resistant. Then the body does not get any energy and starts to burn fat or ketone which are acid and start to show a lot of symptoms

What causes diabetes: type 1: there is no insulin because of B-cell of the pancreas are destroyed and no longer work, during type 1 treatment need to take insulin .this does not related to lifestyle. it can happen because of genetic, autoimmune

Type 2: body resistance to insulin. body cells do not care for insulin, so in this type glucose hangs on the body, in this type doctor advises a patient about diet, exercise, and changes in lifestyle sometimes may they need insulin injections. normally overweight, over age or teenage, genetic and for lifestyle this type of diabetes could happen.


How patients will show you that they have diabetes signs and symptoms:                             

– Polyuria: patient will frequently urination because of the high glucose level in the blood so water from inside the cell turns to move into the blood steam and the kidney filter more water with glucose present

– Polydipsia: feel frequently thirsty because of polyuria

– Polyphagia: feel frequently hungry because the body burns all the fat and needs keto

– Slow wound healing

– Blurry vision

– Glycosuria

– Rashes of skin

– Vaginal infection



What is Wound healing: it means healing of wound in a simple way or orderly without any complication and it simply will take a short period of time.

Why does diabetes patients’ wound healing take a long time? because diabetes patients’ blood circulation is slow than in normal patients and blood cannot reach every tissue in the body so oxygen cannot reach them properly. diabetes patients develop atherosclerosis, neuropathy, kidney disease, polyuria, and arthritis too

How does a wound heal in a normal body: normally there are 4 steps of wound healing.

1) Stop blood flow (for example we got a small injury so the first thing that we have to stop blood flow by closing blood vessels after coagulation)


2) Killing bacteria (for example somehow got a small injury and virus & bacteria affected that area then our body’s RBC, WBC, B-cell, and T-cell will come to the wound area and will kill all the bacteria and virus. this is body’s normal process)


3) Repairing and regeneration (after stopping bleeding and killed bacteria there will recreate blood vessels and supply blood and oxygen)


4) Remodeling (after done first 3 processes now the injured area will be remodeling as like as before)


What problem happens in diabetes patient


Because of the high sugar level in the blood, the glucose attaches with protein and does not let him work simply and produces the glycation end products produced in the body so blood cannot coagulate and bleeding does not stop so our normal body’s first step is damaged. then again because of sugar level high bacteria do not die easily and they grow multiply in the wound area so our 2nd normal step also failed. then come to our third step because with high glucose the blood density get thicker and cannot supply blood to all tiny vessel in the injured parts so oxygen cannot reach .so our antibody cannot reach there and also growth factor cannot go there so it means our all three steps failed and there is no chance to work for 4th steps so because of diabetes our 4th steps does not work so the wound will not heal in normal steps so the wound will be spread all around so day by day tissue start to die and necrosis start then need to cut or remove that organ otherwise that can be spread all over the body and patient can be die.


What should be the treatment of wound-healing patients with diabetes?


– Diet control (should eat less sugar-type food)

– Vitamin and mineral quantity should be balanced for regenerative and   remodeling for wound healing

– Should knowledge about diabetes, should be followed discipline

– If need to take insulin supplement



Hope this article will help you to understand diabetes and wound healing diabetes. For more details and to find the best wound healing equipment please send email us: at info@llkmedical.com and visit our website: www.llkmedical.com. We Lifolinker is manufacturing very effective and economical wound healing equipment which really helps diabetes patients to heal quicker.

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