Why use sterile dressings instead of non-sterile?

Hi. I wonder if you have considered why we use sterile materials to treat wounds instead of non-sterile.

This is interesting.

Some may consider the use of non-sterile materials in conjunction with clean techniques or no-touch techniques as an alternative, and some may feel that the use of sterile materials for wound management is a must.

So, what is the definition of sterile dressing?
Sterile dressings are dressings that have been sterilized by specific methods during the production process, to eliminate or kill microorganisms in them, thereby preventing wound infection.

When we consider using a sterile dressing or a non-sterile one, it’s imprudent to think in terms of cost. (obviously, the cost of sterile dressings is generally much higher than that of non-sterile dressings). We believe a better perspective to decide to use a sterile or non-sterile one is from the scenario used.

Although it is the healthcare provider’s responsibility to use their “common sense and good judgment” in deciding which materials to use, we recommend the use of sterile materials in most healthcare settings.

Especially when we are talking about DFU – Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

We all know DFU can be difficult to heal for a number of reasons. However, one of the important reasons is DFU easily to happen wound infection. So, controlling the number of bacteria on the wound is important. While there are some places where non-sterile materials are used with cleaning or no-touch techniques to manage wounds, but it is risky. In this circumstance, a sterile dressing is more considered. By using sterile dressings and cleaning technology, doctors can treat wounds well and reduce the possibility of secondary pollution. In addition, during wound treatment, doctors are usually one of the potential carriers of infection. By using sterile dressings and cleaning techniques, doctors can also reduce the risk of cross-infection!

“Sterile, single-use, or unit-dose products are the safest and most user-friendly,” says the expert. “Minimizing cross-contamination and microbial transfer through the use of aseptic technique and a conscious, careful approach can help us reduce contamination and Minimize harm.

Our NPWT dressings are sterilized and safe. If you think your hospital or clinic customers are in need of this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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